"I was debating whether or not to hire a videographer for our wedding. I didn't think it was necessary to spend more money and having photos would be enough. I did want a slideshow at our reception though, so we contacted them to see if they could do one for us. My friend hired them for her wedding about a month before mine, so that's how we found them. James was very easy to work with when creating the slideshow even though I was an indecisive pain in the ass. He was so patient and accommodating. We ended up hiring them to film our wedding (actually my mom did and paid him without me knowing haha) and they were awesome throughout the day! After seeing our video, I can't believe that we almost didn't have one! It turned out beautiful! It's safe to say that out of all the wedding expenses, that the video is the best investment we made. Even if that means you have to spend less elsewhere. James and Holly are truly amazing at what they do! Hire them, you will not regret it!" 



"I can honestly say, I am not the type of person that ever writes these reviews…

My wife and I hired James (Kriha) for our wedding on September 5, 2015. We had already hired a photographer and were very back-and-forth if we wanted to spend the money on a videographer. I ended up pulling the trigger as I had a surprise for my wife as a tribute to her late father. Not to sound cliché, out of every expense contributed to this amazing day, hiring James was easily the best investment we made! I have and would recommend his service to family!

Other than our amazing video, the three things I was most impressed with were professionalism, flexibility, and creativity. First, James and Holly were punctual and effortlessly blended in with all festivities. My wife later recounted when she put her dress on, James quietly slipped out of the room while Holly filmed. It was the small things in which we observed so much class and professionalism all day! Secondly, I had a few unique requests where James was flexible and went above and beyond accommodating. Lastly, James was outgoing, friendly, and knew when and how to take charge when necessary. At times, I think our photographer was grateful he was present as he inspired so many beautiful opportunities.

It has been close to a year since our wedding and I will still get random texts from my wife and mom stating how they just watched the video and how happy it makes them. You will NEVER regret spending the money on James and his service, you will however regret choosing not to."