Well where do I begin?...

I was born in good ole Nebraska.  I have always loved film. Watching films and being amazed by the cinematography in different films, used by different directors is always enticing. In high school I fell in love with editing video. I left home for sunny Central Florida, where I attended Full Sail University.  In early 2010 I received my Bachelor's in Film Science and decided to return home.

I worked for a production house in Western Nebraska for a year before I decided I needed to unleash my creativity and started my own company.  After a few trial runs, Kriha Films was born in January of 2015.  Since then, I have watched my business grow to the point where I was able to quite my day job and do this full time. 

I met my wife at a wedding I was filming believe it or not.  We married in Iceland in 2019 along with our parents, siblings and children.  After a long IVF journey, the good Lord blessed us with a daughter on September 7th of 2021, Alyvia James Lyn Kriha.  My family is my everything and I truly understand time and how precious it is and how moments matter. 

"If a picture is worth a thousand words...than a film is worth at least a thousand more..."

Photo by:  David Le

Photo by:  Brooklyn Machacek